Snake & Jake’s

Snake & Jakes Bar
Snake & Jake’s Bar

It’s correctly called Snake & Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge: Dimly lit dive bar with very late hours.

It’s located on Oak Street in a straight line from the teacher’s college at Tulane University. I’m not exactly sure what that says… but it is supposed to be the best dive bar in New Orleans. And, that’s in a city of great dive bars. It isn’t located anywhere near the French Quarter. That may be one of the most important things.

George Clooney drank there. Anthony Bourdain drank there. Mick Jagger drank there. Keith Richards drank there. Other people drank there, too. Lots of other people.

It’s supposed to as old as possibly being founded in the 1950s, but Dave who owns it, bought in 1994. The drink of choice is a “Possum Drop,” named when a possum dropped through the ceiling into a beer. It’s a pint of Schlitz with a shot of Jagermeister dropped into it.

I’ve never actually been inside. I don’t drink. I suppose that I could come for the sausage which is supposed to be great. I would photograph in there — nobody would care — but it’s so dark that when Clooney was there, nobody knew it until he left. At least, that’s what they say. You know how that goes.


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