Little picture. Liuzza's By The Track.
Little picture. Liuzza’s By The Track.

When I lived near this neighborhood, I used to stop by “Liuzza’s By The Track” a lot. It’s classic New Orleans. A neighborhood dive-cafe-bar that serves great food quickly. You can have New Orleans-styled food or you can have a cheeseburger. You can ice tea or a beer. Or, something stronger. Or water.

It was heavily flooded during the storm and recovered very nicely, mostly because it is about three streets from the fairgrounds where Jazzfest is held. Tourists come from far and wide. Locals come from around the corner. I haven’t been there for a long time. I was hungry. It was lunchtime. And, I was in the neighborhood.

I call pictures like this one, “little pictures” because they are small snapshots in time. Usually, I keep the detail as the main subject with the action going on in the background. These pictures are hard to take. The minute somebody sees me focusing, they try to get out of my way. So, I have to be sneaky. Not because I don’t want them to know I’m taking a picture. I usually talk with them anyway. I just don’t want them to be nice and get out-of-the-way.


I’m moving a lot of my daily publishing to Instagram. The doesn’t mean I’m ending this. To the contrary, I’ll try to make Storyteller better. But, I reckon more people will see this blog if I tell them about it on more photo-oriented sites. Even though I have a lot of feedback on Facebook, it takes forever to grow anything from that platform. It’s the same for me with Twitter. It may turn out to be the same using Instagram, but unless I experiment I’ll never know.

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