There is still a lot to be torn down or repaired all over the city. This happens to be in the 7th ward.
There is still a lot to be torn down or repaired all over the city. This happens to be in the 7th ward.

This junk is every place in New Orleans. After all, we are the “city that care forgot.”

This just happens to be in the 7th Ward, not all that far away from yesterday’s picture. Down the street to be precise. Still located in that unforgiving neighborhood. One dusk, I’ll find enough guts to walk around there and make pictures. But, not right now. There’s been some serious gun play in this neighborhood just recently.

A few years ago, the city did some kind of count. There was about 68,000 abandoned buildings that were so derelict that they needed to be demolished. The mayor promised to take care of this problem quickly. Three years later and about half the job has been completed. That’s quite an achievement. Demolishing a building properly costs a lot of money. I think mostly what the city took down was low hanging fruit… buildings that were being demolished by neglect and were collapsing on their own. Some of this is Katrina-related. Some was well on its way to falling down well before the storm arrived.

Now the hard work starts. Either somebody buys a building and restores it, or the city tears down a building that might be viable. I’m betting that the building on the left is habitable with some hard work.

Yes, before you ask. We are helping out. We live in The Garden District, but we bought a big Victorian house in Central City. It came complete with a guy living in sort of a cave that he carved out in the middle of a building with no running water and no electricity. Most of the windows were broken or boarded up. Or, both. Even though it is a three-story building, the entire back wall was completely unattached and held in place by a tree. It’s been cleaned out and remediation has begun. The back wall has been propped up. It will eventually come down. But, on our terms.

The rats, mice and squirrels are very angry with us.