Yes. Let’s face it. Let’s talk turkey. Tell the truth. I’m pretty lazy. So, even though we in the middle of a cool front and the temperature is down to 94 degrees, I just can’t be motivated to chase around making pictures. It’s too hot. Too humid. And, the drivers are terrible. Let me rant about that […]

I don’t usually take a couple of pictures and leave. I work the scene. Well, most of the time. Unless I do one of my drive by things. But, usually. While I was photographing Snake & Jake’s, I wandered about the neighborhood. I saw a couple of things that I liked and photographed them. But, I […]

It’s correctly called Snake & Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge: Dimly lit dive bar with very late hours. It’s located on Oak Street in a straight line from the teacher’s college at Tulane University. I’m not exactly sure what that says… but it is supposed to be the best dive bar in New Orleans. And, that’s […]

Once upon a time, Claiborne Avenue stretched all the way from Jefferson Parish, where it began as Jefferson Highway, passed through the heart of New Orleans and into St, Bernard Parish where it becomes E. Judge Perez Drive. It still does. But, it’s different. In those days, it passed through some pretty amazing neighborhoods, like Treme […]

I’m a little late. Flying around in metal tubes will do that to you. I had to catch up on my sleep somewhere. And, somehow. With me, when I’m in the middle of these changes I can never just sleep seven or eight hours and just wake up in the wrong time zone. Oh no. […]

Things have a way of balancing themselves out. Nature seeks stasis. Human beings seek consistency. Safety. Happiness. We use rituals, touchstones and routine to help us get there. We make stuff. We pile things up. We keep things neat and orderly… even though there is no reason to continue doing that. This is what I saw on my latest […]

Nine years. We are coming to the ninth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall at Buras, Louisiana. You pretty much know the rest. Since we’ve returned to New Orleans, I try to get out to the 9th Ward about once a month. Sometimes, travel gets in the way. But, I return as soon as I can. I […]

After working for a couple of hours on Algiers Point it was time to go home. I felt photographically fulfilled. That’s pretty much the whole point, isn’t it? Since the golden light seemed to just crash into the ground, we left the Westbank before darkness actually arrived. As usual, I propped the camera on the […]

This place reminds me of “The Crunge.” An old Led Zeppelin song. It closes like this… “Excuse me. Oh will you excuse me. I’m just trying to find the bridge… Has anybody seen the bridge? Have you seen the bridge? I ain’t seen the bridge. Where is the confounded bridge?” However. It’s not about a […]