I showed you my experimental picture yesterday. The base picture was lucky and accidental. I made a turn and made another turn. There it was. A picture. Or, the beginnings of one. Sometimes, I make a picture knowing that what I captured was not more than a foundation. A starting place. Sometimes I even know what […]

I was going to call this, “One Way.” If you look closely you can see why. But, this picture went through so many changes that I did it again. I borrowed a few words from a bit of a song. It’s a cover song has been newly released. I really like the new version. Here’s the line […]

I guess by now it’s pretty obvious to you that I borrow bits of song lyrics or even song titles to write the headlines. This one comes from a song called, “The Neighborhood,” by Tom Waits. It sort of suits these pictures. But… It’s not as bad as it looks. As I was wandering in around […]

This is it. The last one. The last building on the lake side of the street. Yes, there are a couple of walls here and there, but the buildings are gone. I doubt this building is coming down anytime soon since people live and work in it. No. Not homeless people. People who have actually […]

Neil Young was right. Rust never sleeps. You know this place. I’ve shown it to you a few times. Well, not this scene. There are broken bricks and bits of glass in this picture. There used to be a graffiti covered building here; made of concrete, brick and iron. Homeless people took shelter here. Sometimes they lived […]

The light is ugly. The rain has been heavy. Normally, you know what I say to that. “When the weather turns bad, the pictures get good.” Normally. But, not these past few days. The light has been beyond ugly. Flat. Dark. Heavy. Heavy? Oh wait, that’s the very humid quality of the air. It’s a […]

You know it rained. I told you that my pictures were a little ragged. They are. Even my dancing friend’s pictures are soft and a little motion blurred. But, not in a good way. So, I tinkered with them a little. Well, a lot. I tried to make this picture look old, like something faded […]

Yeah. This place feels like home. My kind of home. We had one of the longest days ever. Since today closed the second line season I wanted to be in New Orleans. But, we were in Brooklyn. What to do? What to do? We knew what to do. They say that if God wanted man to […]