If it Keep on Raining’, the Levee Gonna Break

The levee. Holy Cross, in the Lower 9th Ward.
The levee. Holy Cross, in the Lower 9th Ward.

Some of these people don’t know which road to take… Bob Dylan.

My iPhone went crazy. It buzzed. It beeped. It tooted. It sounded like one of those old air raid sirens. I looked at the message. Serious flooding alert in most of the parishes south of Lake Ponchartrain. New Orleans is south of the lake. Five inches of rain in about an hour.

My iPhone is confused. It thinks I’m in New Orleans. Luckily, I’m not. That’s what happens when you turn off all the location software. My phone doesn’t need to know where I am. All the time. Nobody does. Well, except for a couple of folks.

The picture. Lots of clouds. The straight line along the bottom of the frame is the top of the levee at Holy Cross, in The Lower 9th Ward. A tree is growing on it. A symbol of rebirth. Perfect for the Lower 9th. The L9.


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    • Funny. I don’t know that people from other places have that alert. Because we are headed into storm and hurricane season, the state of Louisiana created that system. One day it might be valuable, but right now it is more like the boy who cried wolf.


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    I just spent a week and a half on vacation. While in New Orleans I spent some quality time with former co-worker and now fellow blogger Ray Laskowitz. He shared with us a lot of the history of New Orleans and his Katrina experience. If you like New Orleans or are interested in the devastation from Katrina check out his blog.


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