A little springtime drive. A lot of bright new things to see. Some are huge. Some are tiny. You really have to look for them. Take your time. Stop immediately when you see a thing. Take the picture immediately. Because… You know what happens. You don’t go back. You follow another route. You lose the frame […]

Nature. Details. Sunflower. Straight to the heart of things. A very short depth of field adds to the pattern and shape of the picture. I promise new work tomorrow. We took a drive upriver and found some pretty cool things. Good thing too. Seems like it was just in a nick of time. Cabin fever could […]

I decided to take a step back. Lots of stuff going on around here. All good. So. I took a walk through my image files. I ended up in New Mexico. I’ve always liked New Mexico. After the storm, we took refuge there for a few years. It was a great place to heal. But, […]

It’s not that bad. “Nothing from Nowhere” is a bit of a Jimmy Buffett song. However. I just don’t like any of my photo options for today. Normally, when I post a picture, I have some feeling for it. I have no feeling for these three images. So. You tell me. What do you like […]

We all forget. New Orleans, and most of the land along the Mississippi River was once devoted to some kind of industry. Some still is. It was a very productive place. Now, not so much. Plenty of industry is still here. But, today the biggest industry is tourism. There is still lot of shipping going […]

Rust never sleeps. Either does nature. I like my own form of urbex. Urban exploration. It’s gotten very popular around the world. Explorers clump around in hiking books and take pictures of whatever they’ve found. They sneak onto private property. They cross over no trespassing signs. The jump over fences. Go around gates. There are […]