Hmmm… Another Look.

Hmmm… I posted a version of this picture yesterday. It is a vertical and it is just the young indian. I called it “The” picture. I shouldn’t have spoken so fast. I’m not so sure that it is the right picture. Here’s what happened. As usual, if I want to post something from the sameContinue reading “Hmmm… Another Look.”

Super Sunday

Super Sunday. It was postponed twice this year, but the wait was worth it. It was very crowded. More than I remember, but we’ll get to that in a minute. Let’s talk about what you are seeing. First. A couple of things to know. Super Sunday is the premier of the Mardi Gras Indians suitsContinue reading “Super Sunday”


This picture was made when the poodle and I had our guy’s night out in The French Quarter. I’ve been walking past this building for years, but on that night the light made the building look bluish-purple and oh so photographic.  So I stopped and worked the building for more than a few minutes. IContinue reading “Purple”

Staying With The Junk Theme

I think I’ve shown you this house many, many moons ago. That’s the point of this picture. This house is on the edge of the soon-to-come hospital zone. Actually, now that I think of it, I showed you the back and side of the house. I’m not sure who owns it. It may now belongContinue reading “Staying With The Junk Theme”

New Orleans Junk

New Orleans junk. My junk. I wasn’t going to post this today, but I read a story in the local newspaper about a new bike path and green belt that just broke ground. It’s been about four years in the making. It stretches from The French Quarter to way out into Mid-City. This project will costContinue reading “New Orleans Junk”

More Pictures From Home

Wow. Let’s start with the bad stuff. Yeah. I hate doing that too. It seems like all social media sites know better than I do how I want this picture to look. I posted this — to test it — on Google+. It opened up all my shadows. WordPress thinks it needs to open myContinue reading “More Pictures From Home”

Home Again… In Pictures

I’ve got a couple more pictures from the Frozen North. I thought that I would take a break and post a couple of New Orleans pictures. I’m doing this for a couple of reasons. The first is pretty simple. The poodle and I went for a guys night out in The Quarter. He has a dogContinue reading “Home Again… In Pictures”

More from the Frozen North

Remember that sunset at frozen Lake Michigan? The one with the lighthouse that I published about a week ago? Well. This is a picture I that made on the way driving to it. Here’s what happened. My friend — John Fulton, a way better photographer than I am — and I, waited too long to getContinue reading “More from the Frozen North”

Different Junk

To me, this take is amazing. It is still part of the 45 minute dusk shoot that I had in Cairo. In that short time, I pretty much made pictures that capture the sense and feel of a long road trip. I kept saying that I was “photographically fulfilled,” which is a riff from “musicallyContinue reading “Different Junk”

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