Not Your Usual New Orleans

It’s art. I suppose. I had an assignment to photograph and architect just down the street in One Shell Plaza. As I was walking back, everything was just sparkling on our first sunny day after the “Great Ice Storm of 2014.” Wonderful winter light. So, I took my time getting back to my car andContinue reading “Not Your Usual New Orleans”

Central City People

Central City is more than just broken buildings. Even without gentrification it is a vibrant community much as Treme was before the highway planners dropped I-10 in the middle of it and cut it in two, destroying one of the most beautiful avenues in the city and pretty much destroying the neighborhood. At least thatContinue reading “Central City People”

Back on the Case

Okay. So, I started back to work on my original long form project. I read something in some local neighborhood newspaper that scared me, so I got back to it. What did I read, you may be wondering? In a nutshell, that by the end of this year — 2014 — most of Oretha CastleContinue reading “Back on the Case”

The Churches

Churches. This was last week. On a nice day. Today we are a bit cold, but not frozen to the point that our power is failing. In fact, as I know it, the only power failure that occurred today was in the Lower Ninth Ward. All the big media outlets made a huge deal outContinue reading “The Churches”

Girl in the Window (Or Something Like That)

Often when I’m prowling around the neighborhood I just photograph what I see.  This very weird little doll caught my eye from across the street. I thought it was just weird enough that I really worked that window more than I usually do. I even went inside and talked to the owner of this littleContinue reading “Girl in the Window (Or Something Like That)”

Empty Rooms

I’ve walked by this building numerous times. It’s got an interesting exterior shape. But, I’ve never looked through the windows. A couple of days ago I did. You are looking at what I saw.  I decided to leave the window grill in the picture. I could have used a slightly longer lens, photographed past theContinue reading “Empty Rooms”

I Saw a Bright Light and Then…

Well it could be some spiritual event. But, not this time. This time it was a combination of me finding the right light as it streamed in St. Mary’s Assumption Church and using the proper f-stop to create a glowing starburst. Since we talked about the churches as I’ve photographed them so far, I thoughtContinue reading “I Saw a Bright Light and Then…”

Then, Around The Corner

After I toured St. Alphonsus, my guides suggested that I take a walk around the corner and have a look at one of the working churches. These folks seemed to know what they were talking about, so I did. I checked in at The Seelos Center and they gave my very exact instructions for gettingContinue reading “Then, Around The Corner”


I think I’m getting ready to take on a little project. Here’s what happened. A little traveling is in the future — like tomorrow — so I decided to take part of the day off and just explore. Just when I think that I’ve just about seen everything that New Orleans has to offer, theContinue reading “Storytelling…”

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