Central City is more than just broken buildings. Even without gentrification it is a vibrant community much as Treme was before the highway planners dropped I-10 in the middle of it and cut it in two, destroying one of the most beautiful avenues in the city and pretty much destroying the neighborhood. At least that […]

Okay. So, I started back to work on my original long form project. I read something in some local neighborhood newspaper that scared me, so I got back to it. What did I read, you may be wondering? In a nutshell, that by the end of this year — 2014 — most of Oretha Castle […]

Churches. This was last week. On a nice day. Today we are a bit cold, but not frozen to the point that our power is failing. In fact, as I know it, the only power failure that occurred today was in the Lower Ninth Ward. All the big media outlets made a huge deal out […]

I’ve walked by this building numerous times. It’s got an interesting exterior shape. But, I’ve never looked through the windows. A couple of days ago I did. You are looking at what I saw.  I decided to leave the window grill in the picture. I could have used a slightly longer lens, photographed past the […]

Well it could be some spiritual event. But, not this time. This time it was a combination of me finding the right light as it streamed in St. Mary’s Assumption Church and using the proper f-stop to create a glowing starburst. Since we talked about the churches as I’ve photographed them so far, I thought […]

I think I’m getting ready to take on a little project. Here’s what happened. A little traveling is in the future — like tomorrow — so I decided to take part of the day off and just explore. Just when I think that I’ve just about seen everything that New Orleans has to offer, the […]