Happy New Year

I don’t really have a New Year picture so I thought I’d publish a celebratory image. The Blue Indian. He is a Mardi Gras Indian masked for a parade that I happen to photograph. I sort of like his colors. You don’t normally see blues and whites as a motif. This New Year Eve isContinue reading “Happy New Year”

Seventh Ward Portrait

Sometimes, while I’m working on one thing, I stumble onto another thing. That’s what happened in this case. I went to The Seventh Ward to photograph a second line. The big one, a couple of weeks ago. I got there a little early because I wanted to scout. I saw this woman sort of lookingContinue reading “Seventh Ward Portrait”

The Chair

The whole place looks burnt out. It isn’t. It’s just a little wet from a late storm. But, it was pretty heavily flooded during and after Hurricane Katrina. This neighborhood sat in flood water from August 29 until sometime in mid-November. Just about like my neighborhood.  I have no idea what was in that water,Continue reading “The Chair”

Some of The Broken Stuff

This is New Orleans… but, first my illness. I think my body finally won its battle with the flu. Last night was truly hellish. By about 8 pm I was shaking, I was fever-wracked and my head was pounding. I wrote yesterday’s post as quickly as possible  and went to bed. Normally, I would justContinue reading “Some of The Broken Stuff”

Out on the Road. Take Two.

Well. We started improving. Then we started coughing. Pretty badly. Now we are worse. The funny thing about viruses is that you can’t do much about them. Sure. There are OTC treatments. There is steam. There is rest. Lots of fluids. But, until you really start to tank and your virus turns into something infectious,Continue reading “Out on the Road. Take Two.”

Out on the Road

Still really, really sick. In fact it got much worse last night. But, we seem to be getting better. Maybe in a couple of days I’ll go outside and try not to fall on my face. Or, maybe 8 days. Or… oh never mind. It may be just as well. I’d like to clean upContinue reading “Out on the Road”

Christmas Eve

I did the very thing I hoped not to do. But between last night’s trip upriver and today’s Christmas events, I have a suffered a relapse. A bad one. But, since I’m a generous guy, I shared. Now pretty much everybody has it in varying degrees. Luckily, one of our newest visitors is a retiredContinue reading “Christmas Eve”

Bonfires on the Mississippi River

I did it. I kept my promise to you. A Christmas promise. Here’s the story. Every Christmas Eve, for as long as anybody can remember, bonfires have been lighted along the Mississippi River to guide Papa Noel downriver to New Orleans. This has been going on since the early 1800s. Yes. We are a veryContinue reading “Bonfires on the Mississippi River”

The Night Before, The Night Before…

I have to be careful here. The first thing that comes to mind when I look at this picture is that somebody wasn’t a good kid. But, who knows? Maybe the folks on the left don’t celebrate Christmas. Maybe they left town. Or, this being a classic New Orleans double, the folks on the rightContinue reading “The Night Before, The Night Before…”

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