Music, dancing and no big storm.
Music, dancing and no big storm.

So. The big storm. It wasn’t. About 45 minutes worth of hard rain fell. The wind shear and the coming cold front did their jobs. The top of the storm was sheared and the storm fell apart. Happy. Happy. Happy. What to do? On the first Saturday of October, Magazine Street holds an art walk. I wasn’t sure that the shop owners would still do it because the rain stopped falling maybe a half hour before the event was to start. But, in typical New Orleans fashion, they did. So we did. It wasn’t as packed as in years past, but there were enough people to make the whole thing a lot of fun.

I have two highlights.

You know how food trucks are very trendy right now. Well, wait. They’ve been trendy for a couple of years in some cities like Portland and Dallas. Our city council finally changed a law that allowed them to stay in one place for an extended period of time. So, New Orleans finally caught up with the rest of America. But, we went one better. How about this? A cigar truck. Yes. You walk in the back and you are in a giant humidor.

Then. The music. The bands came out to attract passersby. Things turned a little surreal when a brass band — this one — ┬ástarted playing the old Doors tune, “People Are Strange.” Doors? Brass? Wait a minute. What good fun.

One more thing. You know that cold front? The one that fractured the storm? Well, it brought cool and dry air. Low 60s as I write, with little humidity. The dogs are doing their happy dance. The windows are open for the first time since early May.

The picture. Back to my roots. Set the camera’s ISO down to as low as it will go. In this case, 100 ISO. ┬áLet the chips — the pictures — fall where they may. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it really works. And, sometimes you capture the energy and motion of the event.