So. It’s Halloween Day. And, we have about a 98% chance of rain tonight. I thought I’d better get going and make a few pictures before it gets too wet for the trick or treaters to get outside and do their thing. This group of pictures was born from conversation with a friend of mine […]

I would never have thought it. Witches don’t need their brooms to be fast and stealthy. I thought that they did. They passed me by so quickly that this picture is the best that I could do. They were on their way to some place else. Just like me. The only difference being, they were […]

I dunno. Whenever I see a face made up to be green, I always think of the old joke. “I’m so sick, was it something I ate?” “Probably, it was everything you ate.” I have no idea what this costume is supposed to be. Maybe a female Shrek. Ha! You probably thought I didn’t know […]

Only a couple of more days now. I made this portrait as The Krewe of Boo was getting ready to roll. I like working the very beginning of parades because there is more time to talk to the folks who are going to actually walk in the parade.  There is more time to make pictures […]

I’ve published a picture of these two, er one, babies in the past. But, I forgot exactly where I made the picture. I stumbled upon them again while I was looking for Halloween material. Somehow this baby turned himself around. He now faces the front of the window. And, he found a colorful, but spiky […]

New Orleans. Masking. Add those two together and you just have to know that Halloween is a big day for us. Generally, decorating starts early in the month. Then, it keeps rolling along until it hits the peak. It’s everywhere. In The French Quarter. Uptown. The Garden District. The Bywater. The Marigny. Everywhere. And, then […]

Ghost Stuff. I love it. You know that about me. But, I don’t usually show much of that work on Storyteller beyond falling apart places. For many people, that work is boring. By its very nature that’s all it can be. Sometimes it’s colorful. Mostly it’s not. But, it is about history, a subject that […]

I showed you one view of Lafayette Square yesterday. I made that picture looking away from the sunset with the light falling on the subjects. The color was pretty amazing. Today, I’m showing you what the light looked like if you looked directly at the sunset. Still, pretty amazing. Well, that’s an understatement. Astonishing. might […]

Light. I talked a lot about a few days ago. It’s the main ingredient in photographs. There’s light and then there’s light. This was the latter. Big light. Magenta and gold light. It’s come to New Orleans a couple of times this year. Usually after big storms. Once the clouds blow out and the sun […]