I was driving  through The Bywater when I saw this house. How could I not see it? It was freshly painted and glowing like a beacon. I think I saw from two blocks away. It drew me like a moth to a flame. These aren’t exactly, New Orleans colors. And, it isn’t exactly painted with […]

Friday. Very, very long and hard week. So, I did what I could do. I made pictures. We went to The Ascension Parish Balloon Festival. It’s located in Gonzales, Louisiana. About 50 miles for New Orleans. It’s nowhere near as big as The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. But, few ballooning events are. When we relocated […]

New Orleans is known as a party town. To some degree it is. People work to live, not the other way round. But, nothing in the city gets as crazy Bourbon Street on a Saturday night. Even Mardi Gras, which is two weeks of celebrations, is not so alcohol-fueled as some nights on Bourbon Street. […]

I’ve been photographing this building for years. In all sorts of light. In all kinds of weather conditions. And, I’ve made some okay pictures. Yes. Just okay. That may be the reason I keep returning to the scene… of the crime. I hadn’t made “the” picture. The picture that really works. The one that shows […]

Seems like I make some of the pictures that I like best on the way to some place else. This is picture was made on Royal Street as we walked back to the car after making all those Harvest Moon lighted pictures. It was one of my last for the night. There were actually a […]

If you wander around The French Quarter long enough, all of its nooks and crannies will show themselves to you. If you walk through Pirate Alley either to or from Jackson Square to Royal Street, you’ll see it a little, tiny alley. It isn’t really hidden. But it’s tucked away. It has no name. It’s […]

That’s right. No choice. Everybody is loading up their Harvest Moon pictures, so I just have to show you mine. It’s not great. Sheesh. I made this picture with a 16mm lens. Okay, okay. On an APS sensor it’s sort of like a 24mm lens. But, that still isn’t much. I really dislike having to […]