A Little Weirdness

Well. I’m back to it. More pictures about… well, maybe nothing. Or, maybe I’m working something out . In my head. Who knows. I try not to think very hard about that stuff. It’ll make you crazy. Or, crazier. There’s enough crazy around for all of us. So, most times I just try to recordContinue reading “A Little Weirdness”

The Things I Saw…

… mean a lot. Okay. I borrowed that line from a Neil Young song called, “Fork in the Road.” It’s an angry song. He wrote it at the depth of the recession. It’s worth listening to. It’s what I was listening to when I drove through as much of The lower Ninth Ward as IContinue reading “The Things I Saw…”

August 29, 2005

Eight years. Funny how time flies. As you know, I rarely publish pictures or words that aren’t mine. I do that for a number of reasons. Most of them are mostly about artistic integrity. Some are for legal reasons. Others are simply because I don’t see the point in aggregating or curating other’s work. ThereContinue reading “August 29, 2005”

Silver Beads

A monochromatic study. I made this image on one of my evening walks through The French Quarter. I know, I know. You don’t usually think of The Quarter this way. We usually tend to think of The Quarter as being very colorful. For the most part, it is. I think that’s why this picture reachedContinue reading “Silver Beads”

Street Art. I think.

A tagging we will go, a tagging we will go. Well, not me. I don’t tag stuff. But, somebody in New Orleans does. Probably a whole lot of some bodies. I just think that if you leave something in one place long enough, a tagger will find it and work his art. Art, in thisContinue reading “Street Art. I think.”

Night Walk

I’ve said this repeatedly; walking through a neighborhood is still the best way to make “discovered” pictures. When you walk you see it. And, it really is just that simple. You also take the time to experiment. I dis just that with this picture. These days, and with all things digital, sharpness seems to beContinue reading “Night Walk”

A Sorta Fairytale

Hmmm.  Yesterday’s post was mostly about nature’s work. I showed you a very brightly colored picture. I responded to a very complimentary comment that I was just the conduit. Sometimes, when I make a picture that really strikes a chord, I’m pretty sure that’s all I am. I could go way deeper into this. But,Continue reading “A Sorta Fairytale”


A Streetcar Named Desire. Yep. This is the street where the line ended after making its way from The French Quarter. It connected a lot of service people with their work at hotels and restaurants  in The Quarter. It was replaced by buses in 1948. For more about that, go here. http-::www.neworleanshistorical.org:items:show:542#.UhjODGRASvs As you know byContinue reading “Desire”

Rosalie Alley (The Details)

More images from Rosalie Alley. I guess that I could stop right there. But, you know me. Two things to know. One. I promised myself I wouldn’t post very many multiple image blogs. It seems that they are just a little too much to look at in one go. But, after looking at the manyContinue reading “Rosalie Alley (The Details)”

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