I’ve been photographing this little building on and off for over a decade. I guess that I just like the shape and its isolation from the rest of the street. The pizza joint on the ground floor holds special memories for me. Well, for a lot of us. It was one of the first places […]

I suppose that The French Quarter and Frenchman Street have become two of “my places.” I seem to be able to recharge when I wander around there. And, with good reason. Even during our so-called off-season, there are plenty of people wandering around. There is always good music. And, there is plenty of good food […]

Hmmmm. I think I stumbled upon a secret the other night when we were wandering around The French Quarter. I’ve always wondered where king cake babies were made and stored when they weren’t in use. Now I know. But first… a king cake baby. King cakes are pastries that are made specifically for Mardi Gras. […]

After I started thinking about it, I realized a pretty steady diet of photographing broken stuff was getting a little depressing. Not being one to wallow in that, I made a change. I realized that we hadn’t been to The French Quarter in quite a while. So, even though it was Saturday night, that’s where […]

I thought I would clean up my desktop a little bit. I don’t feel like writing much. Two people passed yesterday who mattered to me even though I’d only met each of them once. The first, was the grande dame of New Orleans. Lindy Hale Boggs. If you don’t know about her, go to http-::www.foxnews.com:politics:2013:07:27:former-rep-lindy-boggs-louisiana-dies-at-7-1802029764:  She, […]

I thought that I should show you the place were I made yesterday’s sink picture. Here it is. It may have been the only gas station in Central City.  At least in the heart of the area. There are plenty along the northern border, but nothing as you get into the place, itself. I have […]

I didn’t realize it at the time, but because of the sink’s brightness, this picture is about the sink. Okay. Where it is located is not a mystery. It’s in a mechanic’s workshop of an abandoned gas station in Central City. I snuck in to make a picture. Well, not really. I just walked in […]

Ah. This is a quintessential Central City story. It might be a New Orleans story, but I’ve yet to have it happen to me anywhere else. This is a Hoffman Triangle building. It’s also a classic New Orleans building. There is one entrance  on the corner that is sort of diagonal to the corner, meaning […]

I’ve had a couple of comments about this little series of Central City pictures. The pictures aren’t very pretty. Or, they are too pretty. Well. Which is it? Here’s what I say. Central City isn’t a very pretty place. Aside from what is left of The Lower Ninth Ward, it is the only unreclaimed and […]