Even with all that colorful light that I talked about in my last post, I still had to do what I do… which is photograph things a little differently. So, I found a mule-pulled carriage that was making a turn. I let the camera do its thing. All I did was pan a little to […]

This was really one of those nights. We went to The French Quarter for dinner and to walk around a little. There is nothing like walking around in 90 degree heat combined with 75 or 8o percent humidity. Who needs to pay to use a sauna? The next thing we knew the sky went crazy. […]

Normally, I experiment on Sunday. Close enough. I made the picture on Sunday. It is sort of experimental. I actually made the picture as we were getting ready to leave after making a bazillion sunset pictures and no super moon picture. I always get sort of turned around when I am looking for the Algiers […]

Before I get really going on this post, I thought I share something with you. My friends at the Albuquerque Photographers Gallery  http-::www.abqphotographersgallery.com: were talking about lavender skies in Albuquerque via a post on Facebook. I had to chuckle because they think New Mexico is the only place that has lavender skies. But, my picture sort […]

Yes. I went back. I really like looking at New Orleans from the Westbank of The Mississippi River. There is a lot to recommend it, especially in the summer. For one thing, I get to look at sunsets like this almost every time I go there. Admittedly, I don’t go there much. But, I will. […]

So. This is about the last of the work from that wonderful night. This is the ferry at Algiers Point. This one doesn’t go to New Orleans. Instead, this one goes to Chalmette. Actually, it really docks just down river at the battlefield and military cemetery. You know. That battlefield. The one where the Battle […]

This is how I see things. Sometimes. I was driving on Frenchman Street, which is the best place to hear music on almost any night, and decided to do a little driving and shooting. No. Not that kind of shooting. There’s enough of that in New Orleans. I mean the kind of shooting that I […]

As anyone who reads Storyteller knows, I usually like to experiment on Sunday. Mess around is probably a better description of what I really do. The word experiment usually means something a little more controlled than what I do, which could be better defined as uncontrolled chaos. This picture was made while I was waiting […]