A Little Different

This picture is very different for me. As I wrote in my hub blog, making pictures in mid-day is very rare for me. With high sun, and white light many pictures just aren’t very attractive. Working at the ends of days is much better for me. Golden light, long shadows and a little darkness makeContinue reading “A Little Different”

Out on The Road, Again… Finally.

So. I couldn’t take it anymore. After being house bound for just a few days cabin fever set in. I just had to get out of the house and make a few pictures. Luckily, my head cleared a lot and I felt better than I have in days. She did too. In fact, she wasContinue reading “Out on The Road, Again… Finally.”

Sandias. A Study in Color.

Well. I thought we were getting better. But, if chills aches and pains mean we are getting better… It’s a virus. I doubt a doctor’s visit will do much so we’ll have to tough it out, lay around and drink lots of water and do next to nothing. If I was feeling better that wouldContinue reading “Sandias. A Study in Color.”

Nature… Again

Still sick. But, I think we’ve turned the corner. Typical cold. A week to come. A week to have. And, a week to leave.  Anyway… more poking around in my files. These images aren’t as old the images were in my last couple of posts. For one thing, they weren’t made on film. They wereContinue reading “Nature… Again”

In The Forrest

So. We are still sick and getting sicker. But, that’s okay. It feels like your classic summer cold. I may have peaked and I think I might start getting better tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. When my head is clear and I’m not coughing, I’ve been looking at older work. I’m notContinue reading “In The Forrest”

Still Out West

Still not feeling well, so it’s back to the files. Even though I’m very happy to be home in the green, luscious Southeast Louisiana, I sometimes miss the desert. There is something clean about it. Pure. The light is powerful. The colors pop. It’s just as hot. But, oh yeah. It’s a dry heat. AsContinue reading “Still Out West”

Out West

I know. I know. I said I was taking a break over the long weekend. Big plans and all that. But, two people around here caught colds. It’s kind of funny. The older I get, the less I like being around crowds. Now, I’ve figured out one of the reasons for this new phobia. TheContinue reading “Out West”

Color. Nothing But Color.

Something for a long weekend. Something bright. Something yellow. With a little help in post production to make it look painted and framed. Long weekend. Unless a picture jumps up in front of me, it’s time for a little break.

Sunset in the City

New Orleans is a funny place. Here’s an example. When I was a very young guy, I learned where the sun rose and where it set. But because of the way New Orleans is laid out, you never really know if what you learned in grade school is true. The city moves. Seemingly. Well, evenContinue reading “Sunset in the City”

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