Stuck (Again)

Night NOLA-6
Always waiting for the freight train at Oak Street.

There is a place where Oak Street meets River Road in New Orleans. There is a restaurant called Cowbell right about there that is supposed to make the city’s second best hamburgers. And, they serve pie. But, that’s only part of the story. There is also a train track right of way there that runs along the Mississippi River, eventually into the freight yards near Harahan and finally all the way to Los Angeles, California. Or, to Texas. Since freight trains have no schedule that non-railroad types — like you and me — have access to, you cannot plan for passing trains. Every now and then I get hung up at the rail crossing there. No. Make that, mostly now. I thought it would be better once I stopped using those streets frequently. But, that only made it worse. It seems like the only time I pass that way is when a train has the right of way. The really odd thing about this, is that there seems to be no pattern to the schedule.

So. What to do?

The usual thing. Make a picture. The sky was ugly with flat overcast. But, a lot of post production helped that. It also helped the general scene. If you look in my rear view mirror, you  can see that some people were in a real hurry. I’m not exactly sure where they thought they were going. If you want to get out of New Orleans and head into Jefferson Parish and you are near the river, this is your only option if you are stuck that the tracks. But. What do I know?

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