Odds and Ends. Mostly Odds.

After The Storm 2
Empty Road
Camps and Clouds
French Quarter Lights

As any of you who read Storyteller with any frequency know, I like to experiment with my pictures. Most of the experimentation comes in post production when I mess around with certain techniques. I might add or subtract color. I might add heavy contrast. I might change the light around. Basically, I do whatever I need to do in order to properly enhance the vision I saw when I pushed the button. Often, the original capture is just a starting place. I know this even before I find the exact scene.

That said, these are odds and ends because I’ve already published what I thought was the best of the take. For instance, “Camps and Clouds” is just a wider angle view of the scene I published  earlier this week. In this case, I really wanted to emphasis the mood and feel of the storm clouds. I wanted to contrast the smallness of man’s effort in rebuilding against the massiveness of nature.

“Empty Road” was made after I made the pictures of the LeBeau Mansion. It is entirely different from any of the LeBeau pictures, but I made it about the same time on the same day.

Finally, “French Quarter Lights” was made two nights ago almost immediately after I made the pictures of the homeless brothers and street musician. I seem to be getting a little OCD  about lights in windows against an old building and a dark rich night sky. I wander around at night looking up to find the right ones. You’ve not seen any version of this because it is so new. And, because it is about third or fourth on my list of selects from that one night. I did have a very good shooting night.

Even more importantly, dinner was great. The espresso, gelato and a walking around cigar made the night priceless.


  1. I love the mystery and intrigue of lighted windows on dark-night buildings or houses… I remember a preceding picture on the theme.


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