Rain. Rain. Rain.

Spring Rain
Rain reflecting color through the windshield.

Rain. And, more rain. Accompanied by a fairly cold wind. Apparently the wind picked up fast enough to hit Gulf Coast Alabama with hurricane force winds. In fact, it blew a stranded Carnival cruise ship that was in for repairs free from its moorings. This knocked the guard shack into the water. Last month the ship was stuck out to sea for days. Talk about a bad luck boat.

But, none of that is in this picture. This picture is just rain drops and lights reflected on my car’s windshield. Very simple. This is just point and shoot when I came to a stop light. I focused on the windshield rather than the street. I made art. Well. A kind of art. Or, something.


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  1. This shot is perfect for a poem I just wrote. I was searching for a photo to use and came across your blog. Would it be ok with you if I reblog your photo with my poem and link back to you?


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