There is a place where Oak Street meets River Road in New Orleans. There is a restaurant called Cowbell right about there that is supposed to make the city’s second best hamburgers. And, they serve pie. But, that’s only part of the story. There is also a train track right of way there that runs […]

So. I did what I usually do I’m feeling a little caged and went looking for New Orleans decaying away. I’ve been meaning to photograph this building which is in Uptown and very near to the cobblestone street where I’ve made so many pictures. In fact, I see it every time that I drive up […]

I think you’ve seen the daylight version of this image. Maybe twice. Once in low sunlight. Once after a storm. But, I’ve never been there at night. Some readers on another forum were asking me where I made this picture. Normally, I’m pretty generous. But, not this time. I thought, “Yeah, right.” Twenty people will […]

I know. I know. I promised you my last New Mexican picture. But, then I found these images. And, one of my blogging colleagues was talking about Georgia O’Keeffe, so I thought why not?  Many people think the desert is bleak and colorless. Sometimes. But, if you take a moment and look for it, there […]

Well. If the truth be told, this image is ALMOST the last picture I made in New Mexico. As I recall, the move to New Orleans began on a Tuesday. By the previous Saturday night, I was feeling a little blue about leaving. Even though I had gotten a little bored living there, the state […]

Sometimes when I’m in transit, I start rooting around in files that I rarely see. Scratch that. Files that I forgot existed. This picture is among the last that I made when I lived in New Mexico. The very quick backstory is this. I lived in New Orleans. A big storm called Hurricane Katrina came. […]

Sometime. Just when we are trying to get out-of-town and go work some place else for a few days, my email starts burning up. My text bell starts humming. My phone doesn’t ring. Nobody talks on the phone anymore. So. I had a bunch of client requests that had to be filled today. Couldn’t wait […]