Upstairs at Rum Boogie located on Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee.

You know that I like color. Bright, bold color. So when I climbed the circular stairs to the second floor of a music club called Rum Boogie, I was ecstatic. Not only was there an opening where I could look down and photograph the stage, but there are large windows where I could photograph the street and the action outside. I made a lot of pictures looking outside, but I like this one. A lot. I like the compression of all of the neon lights. I like their brightness. And, I like all the red and orange. As for the area where I could photograph the stage? It wasn’t all that great. The general composition of musicians on stage looked odd to my eye. After all, I mostly saw the tops of their heads and their instruments. I guess I really like to work as close to the stage, on the stage or side stage. That puts me in the middle of things and since I like to engage the subject, those locations work for me. I also like to work with shorter, wider lenses which help set the scene. Some times, I get lucky enough to sort of give a musician instructions with my eyes. You know. Sort of like, “look this way” or “raise or lower your head.” They generally do what I suggest. They want to get rid of me.