Red and Blue. Hot and Cold.
Red and Blue. Hot and Cold.

Well. Red and Blue. Hot and cold. If only the colors matched the heat. Oh well. The blue picture is hot. That is Eleanor Tsaig, the lead singer of an Israeli blues band called Ori Naftaly. She is one helluva blues belter in the mode of Janis Joplin. We met them in Memphis. The red picture is cool. That’s the singer Redd Velvet whose singing is cool and very seductive. We met her in Memphis too. Unlike the Ori Naftaly Band, she’s a local. She lives in Memphis. She didn’t have to travel 10,000 miles to perform. In case you are wondering, as I did, Ori Naftaly is the name of the band’s founder and lead guitarist.

The pictures. In case you haven’t figured it out. I’m different. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes a little. Many photographers would have blasted away with a strobe in the two situations that you see. But, that would hurt the ambience. In many pictures, ambience is everything. It’s the red, the blue, that make the pictures. If I used a strobe, there would be nice, clean white light. But, no ambient light. Or, you could filter the light. You could add colored gels to it. But, what would be the point? The whole room is a colored gel.


The “cute little bass player.”

Confusion. We’ve been down a little, so I’ve taken the opportunity to work through the last seven weeks worth of work. I was looking for potential portfolio images as well as the quirky images on which I’ve built a career. As I edited, I realized that I made a lot of pictures. Over the course of the last seven weeks I probably made 12,000 exposures. Guess what? When you shoot a lot you raise the bar. Not only are there a lot of pictures from which to choose, but you sort of work on instinct. For me, that means my work improves. I suppose my working method becomes smoother and I think about what I’m doing less. Just like hitting or catching a baseball, the less you think, the better you get. That’s why you practice. Hopefully.

So, about the “cute little bass player.” First, I’m not alone in that. Men and women all said that. She’s 15. She plays the bass very, very well. She plays in a band that we saw in Memphis. They are from Texas. They were in a youth showcase. When they took the stage, most people really didn’t pay attention. After about  half of their opening song, everybody in the bar was riveted. They played a twenty-minute set, getting better and better with every song. Not only did she anchor the music, but she sang and danced. The entire band  pretty much blew us away. As long as they stay focused, they have a long a great future ahead of them

The picture. It did take some work. The bar was pretty dark, even with the stage lighting. So. In order to make the image, I used a little higher ISO than I would have liked. But, it seems to have worked out just fine. With some post production help. What I’m a going to publish on Friday, I don’t know. I worked on five or six pictures that I really like. There is no flow to this little mini-collection. I guess I’ll follow my muse.