Sammy sitting and listening.
Hip Drummer

I’ve been doing a number of projects at one time. That includes traveling, photographing, managing someone else and working on a huge amount of post production of files that I’ve produced over the past month. When it comes to post production, mostly I’ve been working on the Memphis blues project. I work on it as I can. It’s become sort of a hobby. When you make as many pictures as I did in Memphis, it does take some serious time to edit. Okay. To use the contemporary term. Curate. Of course, there are multiple culls, rough post production and final polishing. I’ve managed to cull the images that are directly related to my buddy, Sammy’s band, down to just 760 pictures. Just.  There’s other stuff too. A lot of other stuff. Too much stuff. Maybe.

Anyway. With all that’s going on, I need some fun in my work too. So, I pulled a couple of pictures out of the Memphis mix that I just like. Nothing more. I’m not sure they the fill any particular need. But, I like them. The top image is a portrait of my old friend Sammy. We were at a club called Purple Haze, mostly just listening to other musicians. The bottom image is of drummer Michael Hays. You met him earlier. he was lighting a cigarette and standing on Beale Street. In this picture, he’s waiting to play.