Throw Me Something Mister

As Fat Tuesday draws closer, the intensity of Mardi Gras picks up. These year, however, things got intense very early. Most parade routes are packed. More than normal. Bourbon Street was packed by Thursday. Way more than normal. People got shot on Bourbon Street last night. That’s pretty intense. Four people were wounded. One seriously. I believe police have some suspects. I almost fear for tomorrow which is Lundi Gras or Fat Tuesday, which is the big day. Of course, Fat Tuesday is followed by Wednesday. Ash Wednesday, to be exact. I’m sure some people will be happy to repent just to get a little peace and quiet. And, to sober up. I probably should repent too. But, not because I’ve been partying  too hard. I don’t mix work with pleasure and I actually don’t drink. My head aches sometimes, but not by my own doing. HA!

The picture. This is a little more complicated so let me tell you about it. The simple thing to do when you want motion in a picture is to slow the shutter speed way down. Say from 1/250th of a second to maybe a 1/4 or 1.8 of a second. Normally, this is an  easy process. Set your ISO very low. Maybe at ISO 100. Set your f-stop higher. Somewhere between f5.6 and f11. You get a picture that looks like “Throw Me Something Mister.”  But, I’m also working in The Black Hole of Calcutta. City streets with low watt sodium vapor lights. So. Up comes the ISO. I started at ISO 400 and ended at ISO 1600. That allowed me to shoot at 1/4 second at f5.6. Often when you do this, you increase the possibility of introducing “noise” which looks like grain. I didn’t do that to this picture. I managed to split the need of speed and depth. But, that was with the help of my little Sony NEX7. It has an amazing sensor and a great processor. The lenses aren’t too bad either.