Drum Major

There are two things that I really like about Mardi Gras. By now, you know one of them Marching Bands. The make a lot of noise. Wonderful noise. I admire the kids who walk for miles and miles every day during Carnival Season. The other thing I really like are the beads. No. No. No. Just kidding about that. Because of how I work I usually catch a lot of beads. But, I usually give them away to a kid. Or, a bunch of kids. The other thing that I really like are flambeaux. But, I’m not going to tell you about that until Sunday. I’m in transit and I have to spread these things out a little bit. Or. I’ll run out.


This drum major is from California. He and his marching band are from El Centro. I thought that was very cool. Imagine that. A high school marching band who wanted to come to New Orleans to march in our parades. That really impresses me. They must have worked very hard to fund the trip . Schools, these days, don’t have a lot of spare cash laying around. I always root for them

The picture. I told you about high ISOs and how I process pictures made that way. This image was made using a lower ISO and a completely different way of processing it. To me, it seems smoother.