A Drifting Druid
Pre-parade Prayer
Mardi Gras Fantasy

Photographing Mardi Gras parades are usually a study in marathon running. Or something like that. It’s gruelling. It’s a lot of walking. It’s physical. It’s also pretty repetitive from year to year. So, this year I had to make two things happen. Since I’m in the middle of another very busy year, I had to figure out a way to cut out some of the physicality. And, I had to figure out how to make my pictures a little different from last year’s pictures. So. Here’s my trick. At least for this year. I just go to the start of the parade well before the parade actually starts. I do most of my work there. I photograph krewes as they prepare. I photograph marching bands as they prepare. I photograph just about everything that goes into making a successful parade. Then, I walk with the parade for a few blocks. A few blocks may not seem like much, but dodging in and out of the crowds and then finding my way back can be a bit of walking. I describe it as playing full contact football.

I think the pictures are a little different and somewhat more revealing than last year’s take. As far as these pictures go, my intent is to make them a little more mysterious and “swampy” feeling. I’m not quite sure that I got it. Maybe next shoot. Or, the one after that. It does take some time. Some work. And, a lot of patience.