Another Street Portrait

This is Michael Hays. He drums for my friend Sammy Eubanks. He’s a helluva a drummer. And. He’s a pretty good guy. This picture? When the band wasn’t working — competing — they were looking for jam sessions. Sometimes, that means waiting… and waiting and waiting. So. Here’s Michael standing on Beale Street in Memphis having a smoke break. Waiting. Of course, if I made this picture guess what I was doing? Waiting. What’s really cool about this picture is that I made it with an ISO of 6400. For most cameras, such a high ISO usually introduces a lot of digital noise. But, not with my little Sony NEX cameras. No noise. Reasonably good quality. The rest was easy. F-something and be there.

Lisa, the very best waitress.

Being away from home and on the road is not always fun. But, this Memphis trip was great fun. Especially eating. Eating can be entertainment when you are out. We went to a couple of places on Beale Street. Most of them are real touristy, but we found Polly’s. Great Southern food. And, the very best waitress. Lisa. She kept a bunch of ridiculous people in check, smiled a lot, cracked jokes and recommended great food. Oh. yeah. She kept the coffee cups full. And, the sweet tea glasses full too. The picture? Ain’t much. It’s a quick portrait. Of course, I spun it a bit with a lot of post production. I added a lot of movie filters. I guess I see some of these funky restaurants as sort of a location prop. Maybe I want to make movies. Or not.