The Greens
And, singing and on harmonica…
Ladies night out

Sorry about all those short posts. It was a travel experiment. Normally I take a laptop on the road. This time, I thought I’d test the capabilities of an i-Pad. The very first thing I read about i-Pad as opposed to laptops still holds true today. An i-Pad is a content consumer’s tool. A laptop is a content producer’s tool. There’s a lot I couldn’t do on WordPress using an i-Pad. But, A lot of new readers seemed to find Storyteller and like the few pictures that I published last week. You might have liked the shorter posts. If you do, please let me know. But, for me, I felt like I wasn’t telling you enough about the pictures or the back story.

Okay. These pictures and this place.

During our last night in Memphis, most bands were roaming Beale Street looking for a place to play. We found one in a little dive called Club 152. It looked like a classic place for me to work in since it had that blues bar feel to it. Unfortunately, the main stage lights were green. The very worst possible color for human skin. If we decide to do anything with this little section of a week-long take, I may have to really fiddle with these pictures. I may have to make them sepia or retro or grungy or something…  I messed with the Stacy’s picture — the harp player — and it looked pretty cool. But, it’s not quite ready for prime time. So, I published the one that you see. Anyway. Here are some shooting statistics. Over the course of six nights. I made 172 gigs of images. To put that in perspective, I use a 1 terrabyte portable hard drive on which to back up my work. Last week’s take is just under 20% of its capacity. 17.2 % to be exact. For one shoot.

What’s going on in these pictures? Eh, pretty simple. The bands sort of do a rolling jam. There is usually one anchor band and musicians drop in and out. In the top image, my friend Sammy Eubanks is playing his blue Fender Stratocaster. Note that. Blue. You wouldn’t know it from that picture. The middle image is Stacy Jones playing harmonica. At her young age, she has a voice for all time. Plays a mean harmonica and organ as well. The bottom picture is truly photographer’s luck. A young woman was having sort of a bachelorette’s party. It really had nothing to do with us. I guess the kids in Memphis are as lucky as the kids in New Orleans with all the great music that’s being played just about everywhere you look. That’s her dancing and wearing a read light. Her name is Kimmie.