Playing Real Good For Free

I have a New Year Eve tradition. I like to start the year off right by working. Or, at least making a picture that I like. Since nobody around my house drinks, we generally find a place for me to work, have dinner and go home well before midnight. Sometimes we do that with friendsContinue reading “Playing Real Good For Free”

Another Year

And so another year comes to a close. I thought I’d do some kind of wrap up. I was having trouble figuring out what to do. I was thinking about posting my Picture A Day project minus one picture for the 31st. But, who wants to see 364 tiny pictures at one time? I’d boreContinue reading “Another Year”

Night In The City

I had a better shooting night than I remembered when we went to Caroling In Jackson Square. I made four or five picture that I like a lot. This is number three. The first was the hands holding Christmas songs and candles. The second, I published yesterday. And, here’s another one for today. This pictureContinue reading “Night In The City”

In The Still Of The Night

We were walking back from listening to Caroling in Jackson Square when I noticed that most of the carriages were empty. No people riding in them. Very odd for a night when so many people were in The Quarter. I thought about stopping one. ┬áBut I’ve done this a few times. The picture doesn’t reallyContinue reading “In The Still Of The Night”

Sometimes I Walk

Well. Mostly I like to walk. Trains. Planes. And, automobiles. They are just for getting someplace quickly. To see. To really see, you have to walk. Walking gives you just enough time to see what’s coming and to react in order to make the picture. And, you can see the details. The devil is inContinue reading “Sometimes I Walk”

Between The Lines

It’s the red tail lights. It’s those tiny little spots of red that make this picture work. Without them this picture is pretty monochromatic. Maybe the yellow reflectors help as well. This is another of my traveling images. Looking at its shape and contemporary look, you’d think it was somewhere in Asia. In fact, thereContinue reading “Between The Lines”

Miles And Miles

And so it’s time to move on from The Christmas Series. This may only be a short bridge series until the New Year. We’ll see. This year has been one of a lot of miles. A lot of different places. A lot of new things. So, I thought I’d do a little travel thing. NotContinue reading “Miles And Miles”

Merry Christmas

That’s all I was going to write. Nothing more. And, post this picture. But, something happened that I want to tell you all about. I got lost. I rarely get lost even when I try to get lost. It’s just an instinct that I have. In my defense, getting to either Gramercy or Lutcher fromContinue reading “Merry Christmas”

In Case You Are Wondering

I thought I would change the pace slightly and show you how Christmas decorations are made. I made an illustration for a client a year or so ago and just started messing around in my portable small product studio which was really my kitchen. Lighting was fairly simple. I used a soft box and Nikon’sContinue reading “In Case You Are Wondering”

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