Another old frame. This time from New York City. I reckon that it’s the least that I could. I used to spend a lot of time commuting between Dallas and New York. At that time, we stayed in the Hyatt which was located above Grand Central Station. It was some corporate deal that we worked […]

This image isn’t so much a”found” image as it is a sentimental one. Unlike so many people in New Orleans, I wasn’t born in the city. Some of my friends have family lineages that stretch back for centuries in the city. Me? I’m very lucky that I even know my grandparents heritage. I know that […]

Yesterday’s post was one of my “found” gems. One of my blogging colleagues, Vera, liked it a lot and asked if I had more hidden work. The sad fact is that I do. These  pictures only surface  when I’m looking for another picture — usually to fulfill a client request. Today’s post is just such […]

I had a request for some of my more “lyrical” images. I had to do a pretty deep file search since I usually keep my images organized by the actual shoot. Maybe I should change that and build files that reflect those sorts of themed collections. Since my files go back for years and years […]

They say “until death do us part…”  I used to know a mechanic who put license plate frames on his customers cars that read, ” customer after death” with his logo. I never understood what that meant. These two skeletons have cleared that up for me. Once you really commit to something, you should consider […]

I don’t think the creator of Popeye had this in mind when he created a spinach-eating sailor who came to the rescue of Olive Oil when she was in distress. It seems that the folks who created the  “skeleton lawn” on St. Charles Avenue kinda twisted his meaning a bit. Yes. These are eyes popping. […]

What can I say that hasn’t been said about them that hasn’t already been said? All I know is that I was very happily surprised when I was photographing Big Chief Yi, Yi, Yi at the Treme 200th Anniversary second line parade, when I felt a hand on my shoulder. The Zulu King. Here is […]