As part of my Central City series I’ve visited a number of merchants, business and stores. One of the most interesting is called The Bank and sells reclaimed details from old houses that were either torn down or otherwise destroyed. They also manufacture what I would call replica parts as well. One day I was poking around in their warehouse when I stumbled upon this little scene. I wondered who is she? When was the portrait made? How did it come to be left in a house that was abandoned and eventually torn down?

I can answer the last question. Maybe. The picture might have been left in a house that was flooded by Hurricane Katrina. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of houses that were reached by  flood waters were not entirely flooded. In some cases, the waters only reached in the house by a few inches. Others, a foot or so. But, it was a very hot summer in 2005. If you could not get back into your home for any length of time, mold and water rot did their nasty jobs. Many people in Central City could not repair their homes for a whole host of reasons and simply left them. When they evacuated, they took what they could carry. Pictures like the one in my photograph were simply left behind.

On another note. My pictures are starting to surface. Please have a look at this link.

Freret Street is sort of the business model that the redevelopment model of Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard is based on. The blog is called I’m Black ‘n I Travel. It is written by and old friend and former colleague of mine, Greg Gross. He is an old school journalist. He also was raised in Central City. He lives in San Diego, California. We’ll get to Central City in later posts on Greg’s blog.