Not Yet… An Update.

The  television talking heads seem disappointed. As of 9am, NOAA still hasn’t declared Isaac to be a hurricane. It can’t seem to get organized and there is a real problem even identifying the eye. At this point, maximum wind gusts are 70 mph. 74 mph makes it a weak category One hurricane. However, there isContinue reading “Not Yet… An Update.”

Seven Years Ago

For those of you who follow me, I suspect I will be a little incommunicado for the next couple of days or maybe more as I leave New Orleans while Hurricane Isaac approaches. By tomorrow morning, the low-lying areas like Grande Isle will be under mandatory evacuation. Both the governor and mayor have already declared a stateContinue reading “Seven Years Ago”

The Moon

I normally post once a day. Usually in the morning unless I get very busy or I’m traveling. But. Today is special. So, I’ll post twice. Today is a little sad. But, it’s also a little time for reflection. Where were you in 1969? What were you doing when you heard this?  ““That’s one smallContinue reading “The Moon”

On The Sunny…

… side of the street.  I’ve been posting pictures of various windows that are frosted by condensation created when the hot, humid air of a New Orleans summer bumps against a window that has been chilled by the cold, air-conditioning that is found almost everywhere when you duck inside. This little semi-natural phenomenon is usually foundContinue reading “On The Sunny…”


The best way for me to work is to walk. Slowing down helps me to see. The longer I stay in a place, the more I see. Sometimes, it just takes a moment to look down. 

Maybe I Went Too Far

I was doing some editing for a new portfolio. I’ve been digging back many years when I stumbled on this picture. It’s a street scene from Shanghai, China. Originally, I tried to paint it. I’m not so sure how that worked. Now, I’ve just sort of upgraded it a little. Sort of like a producerContinue reading “Maybe I Went Too Far”

Faces In The Window

Another image from my foggy, humid, condensation series. Again, the picture was made in The French Quarter. Post production was minimal and done mostly to bring out the details and highlight the doll’s face. 

Church. Part Two.

I rarely post alternate versions of the same shoot. But, I had to. I think I like this one more that the first attempt, Since you know the story of the place, I’ll let that go. For now. Post production was done on my i-Pad using Snapseed from an original i-Phone image. New media. IContinue reading “Church. Part Two.”

For True

For true is a phrase from a certain kind of New Orleans dialect. Live in the 7th Ward long enough and you start to pick it up. It’s sort of Yat. But, not quite. Anyway. This picture. I made it during a rain storm when I was in The French Quarter. It was one ofContinue reading “For True”

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