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Red Sails At Night

Okay. Two things. I borrowed the title from Bing Crosby. And, I’m happy to be back to a single picture. Creating categories and writing tags for a 30 picture selection from Picture A Day is hard work.


This picture was made in Hong Kong at Victoria Harbor, or Harbour if you prefer. This is not the famous junk that the tourism group uses as part of their logo. This is a new junk. In actual fact, it is a floating restaurant. But, those red sails against the light blue Hong Kong night look pretty good to me eye. Why is the night light blue? Because the image is a long exposure to account for actual darkness of the sails, the night sky is overexposed. But, for the purposes of this picture it looks pretty good.And, it made the red sails pop.



      • No problem whatever … Europe is a continent; it will NOT slip away. Italy is a treasure trove of – well – treasures! for an artistic eye like yours, a feast. ;-))


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