Working is good for us. It’s what motivates us. it’s what gives us clarity. It’s what gives us fulfillment. So, “they” say. “They” may be right if the Buddhist monk is just doing the next thing that is front of him. In many ways, his work in this image just illustrates and old saying about doing the next thing. It goes something like this. A young monk has just finished his meal. He says to his elder, “Father, I have finished my porridge.” The elder replies, “well, you better wash your bowl.”

There you have it.

This image was made at Wat Pho in Bangkok, Thailand. Or, Wat Phra Chetuphon as most Thais know it. It is the largest and grandest of the wats in Thailand. I’ve photographed it a number times, so now when I go back I really work hard to look for moments like the one in this picture.

I had to laugh. I wanted to get the spelling for name as Thai people know it. So I Googled it. The first reference was for a cultural way of saying “what for?” The second reference was in answer to why you eat the Vietnamese soup, Pho. The third reference was for the soup. And, finally…

I enjoy traveling by train so much so that even when I’m not traveling, I sometimes visit interesting train stations. I really enjoy going to the main train station in Bangkok, Thailand. It is called Hua Lamphong and is in the Pathum Wan District of the city. It was built in and 1916 and serves over 130 trains a day that carry over 60,000 passengers. At least, that’s what Wiki says. But, that’s not the only reason I go there. It is one of the few large terminus stations that you can wander around freely and photograph whatever you wish. All you need do is smile. Since the station is wide open and has openings to the track so it is not air-conditioned. Either are the platforms where you board the trains. So, it is hot and very humid. Everywhere. I found this woman sitting on a bench on one of those boarding platforms. I asked her with gestures if I could photograph her. She didn’t care. Afterwards, I bought a couple of bottles of cold water and gave them to her. She cared about that. 

Thai speed. I made this picture a few years ago on the streets of Bangkok. Thailand. I’ve always enjoyed photographing subjects in motion and making them look and feel like they are in motion. Generally, that means working at night for the drama and exposing at f 5.6 and letting the shutter speed fall where it may… as long as it is not open too long which turns the image into a mass of color and lines. Or, as long as it isn’t too short which freezes the subject and defeats the purpose of trying to capture the feel of motion. yes. I did some post production work as the frame indicates. But, not too much.

I didn’t make this picture. I don’t often post others images on this blog, but the image is very, very strong. USMC 1st Marine Division combat photographer Cpl. William Salazar from Las Vegas, Nevada, did. It was made in Anbar Province on October 15, 2004.

It says about all you need to know about Memorial Day and its meaning..

Testing. Testing. Testing. A new camera. A very little new camera. A camera without a mirror.

When a camera doesn’t use a mirror it doesn’t need a pentaprism, which allows it to be about the size of a deck of playing cards. But, it has the sensor of a DSLR, which means I can use it about like I would a bigger camera. This camera doesn’t appear to have a real downside except that if I were shooting sports or very hard news, it is a little slow. What is this thing? It’s a Sony NEX5N. In case you are wondering Sony makes the sensors for Nikon and Canon and a few other camera manufacturers, which means it is pretty much the industry standard.

Now. The picture? Just a little street musicianship, photographed at night, spun and post-produced my way. In many ways, the whole thingswas an experiment.

I was looking at this picture that I made in Admiralty, Hong Kong and realized just how power the island had become. Most of the buildings that form the backdrop of this image are banks. major banks with their Asian home offices located in Hong Kong. The pinkish buildings in the foreground are housing estates, or apartment buildings for you in the west. yes, the image has been worked on in post production. The original image lacked something. Well,make that a lot of somethings. I’m not sure the image gained all that much, but at least it looks like a picture of a powerful and dynamic city. That’s Hong Kong.

Not just any red. Fuzzy dice red. With an American flag. I thought I’d post this as a walk up to a long Memorial Day weekend. Originally it was called Decoration Day and it was established to honor the Union war dead who were killed during the Civil War (In The United States — for those of my foreign guests). The Confederate war dead were honored on another day in May. It was later expanded to those military who died in all wars and now it has sort of morphed into a day of remembering all dead. At any rate, it’s become family day when people gather to look at fireworks shows, have a barbecue and generally enjoy the bookmark holiday that marks the arrival of summer.

This picture was made at a car show. It has all of the elements. And, it’s mostly read. As you know, I like red. Technical specs? Not many. F8 and be there. Keep your eyes open. Post production was done using Topaz which gave it that grainy feel. I don’t use Topaz very much these days. I use OnOne, which gives me a little more control.

Sometimes, I feel like just darkening things up a bit things up a bit. This is another kind of experiment. It’s not very pretty and I’m not sure why I did it and, more to the point, kept it. I guess I’m attempting to do something more movie like. I’ve always been drawn to end of the world, apocalyptic kinds of films.  If Bangkok traffic is apocalyptic, then I guess I nailed it. Thai traffic might not be quite that extreme, but to those experiencing it for the first time, it might seem like the end of the world.

An old friend mentioned an old song called MacArthur Park. Apparently, his brother never thought it made any sense. It made sense. To a few of us… and, I’ll leave it like that. Anyway. This is Hong Kong, made from my roof top. But, it could be any city which is the point of this heavy manipulation. For a while, I was messing around with a website that provided automatic tilts and swings for any picture that you cared to upload. I’d give you the link, but I’ve lost it. If anyone knows about this site, please send the link. I enjoy making my pictures go all MacArthur Parkish. One thing. I made the picture in late afternoon when everything gets golden and then added more color in post production.