City in Color

I used to call Sunday, “Experimental Sunday.” Why? I really don’t play computer games. Even when I do, I get bored pretty easily. The only game I really liked was Diablo. It’s taken the maker 14 years to release the new version so I gave up. Long ago I decided that rather than play a game, I would “mess around” with Photoshop and various plug-ins. How did that work out? Sometimes, I made a creation that I liked. Sometimes, I didn’t. Since failure is a great teaching tool, I learned a lot. How’s that for being tongue-in-cheek?

So, this picture was made in Hong Kong, in Causeway Bay looking toward Jardine’s Crescent. It was made from one the restaurant levels in Times Square. Yes, yes, yes… I was using a plug-in called Topaz when I “messed” with this picture. At the time, I was trying to replicate some early without actually going through the work of making multiple exposures, merging them and going from there in post production. It works to a certain extent. It made a very poster-like image. But, it’s not really me. I use a modified version of HDR to enhance a picture, but that’s where I stop using that technique. Besides, despite claims to the contrary, the human eye does not see like HDR. It sees shadows and highlights. It doesn’t open up shadows. It doesn’t flatten highlights. That’s why people wear sunglasses. That’s why people use a flashlight.

But, That’s a story for another day.


  1. I think this photo is great! I love the composition and the topaz colors from post-processing. I find the details of the photo very interesting; especially the street lines and the weathered-look of the buildings. Fantastic work Ray! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Exacting. And idealistic. It almost makes one want to go live in that city. I said “almost”… like Alice in wonderland. V,


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