Tooting a Horn

After I posted my “Musician’s Hands” photograph, there were a couple of comments made a by my friend — Andy Richards — about what horn I really photographed. He has some experience with horns of various types and I really don’t , so I guess I’d have to defer to his judgement. Besides, although I’ve listened to music for forever and am involved in photographing some more well-known musicians, I can’t play a note on any kind of musical instrument. That is my loss. But, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and I accept that too. Anyway… here are a few more horns for you.


  1. Ray: a superior photo is a superior photo regardless of the subject. A horn is a horn until you take a picture of it. The details of he subject, okay, are fine information but the image you capture is unique regardless of the details. You see what others don’t and have the fine-tuned skills to show it to all others. Thank you. Vera M.


    1. Vera, that is very, very kind. Thank you. Andy is a friend and I do trust his words, especially since at the heart of me is a trained journalist who worked as photojournalist for many years. At the end of the day, I think the more about the subject I know, the better photographer I can be. Ray


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