I think this will be the last of my experimental pictures that I’ll post for a while. I have no reason for not posting more of these images other than that I get bored easily and there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn pictures like these into clients, or as they say in the high-tech business world, “to monetize” them. Besides, I’m not that much about selling one-off prints as I am about finding long-term projects.

I’m just sinking my teeth into a more long-term project. I’m photographing a fitness club — oh, alright — a gym, for their website. Instead of the usual pictures, I’m trying to create some very different kinds of pictures. Or, at least different from the usual health club fare. Then, there ┬áis French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest and what will prove to be a very long summer’s work. All of that should keep me busy. Or, busy enough.

So. This picture. This was my first i-Phone image. I was in the parking lot of a grocery store in Albuquerque, New Mexico, when the Sandia Mountains lit up and turned red as the sun set. I thought, “I wish I had a camera,” and then “Oh yeah, I do have a camera, it’s in my pocket.” Add a little painted from an i-Phone app and this is the result.