Experiments in Portrature

I did a little consulting yesterday. That is to say, I had somebody give me a little advice, not the other way around. Even though I’ve been told this before, I haven’t done that much with it. But, the verdict is this. If I want to make move to a much bigger audience, I really should push my portraits since that’s what I seem to do best. The first obvious step is to curate or edit or whatever people are calling it these days. The second step, in my mind, is to experiment a little here. The next step is to do a final edit and then to produce a printed book, a suitable website and blog site (like this one – ha) and something a little different for i-Pad displays. It’s a couple of weeks process, so bear with me. Here are three for me, and hopefully, for you to think about.

So, here are the pictures. My friend and Cajun fiddle player extraordinaire, Jonno. We are sitting in a coffee shop and it just looked like the right time.

The tuba man. I was walking through Jackson Square in The French Quarter and saw he sitting there, taking a break and talking.

Finally, the truck driver. Turns out he is a pretty well-known American Indian artist who sells his work in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When I was photographing the

Trading Post, he pulled up in beat up old pick up truck to have a chat.

These are my kinds of portraits. We’ll see if I can make the transition.

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