Road Work

I’ve posted about this topic in the past. I make a lot of photographs through the windshield of my car when I am driving. As odd is this may sound, it’s probably safer when I’m driving 70-75-80-85 mph than when I am driving slower and in traffic. Even though I brace the camera on the dashboard and let all the auto functions do their things, I’m still not fully and totally concentrating on the thing that I should be doing which is driving. In traffic, that can mean tapping some other car’s rear. On the road, I can see down field and take appropriate measures. One day this may come back to haunt me, especially as I get older. But, for right now it seems to be okay. Having written all of that, as far as picture-taking goes, I never really see what my camera sees until I am stopped somewhere and take the time to review the images. Often times, I don’t even do that. I just wait until I’ve downloaded them on to a computer so I can see them bigger then 1″ x 3.” That also should give you an inkling into how I work. I rarely chimp. When I do, it’s mostly to check the exposure not to see what I photographed. Who can tell anything on that little itty bitty LCD?


These are all New Mexican pictures. The brownish image is made at the end of Route 66/Central Avenue to the west. The darker blue image is made on I-40 northbound in Albuquerque, and the lighter blue image is made on I-25 southbound, just south of Santa Fe. I like the light. I like the feeling. And, most of all, I like that I didn’t get killed making them.




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  1. I like what I see and your style. I lived in New Mexico. Stunning landscapes as far as the eye can see… a land that stick in the mind forever as a jewel of memory. Thanks for your photos. Have you seen the Arabian desert or the Sahara? same effect on memory. Vera M.


    • Thank you for your kind words. I lived in New Mexico for about six years. I went there after Hurricane Katrina left me with five feet of water in my house. I recently returned to New Orleans since it is home to me. But, I sure made a lot of pictures in New Mexico. Most of my foreign travels are in Asia. I have never been to the Arabian or Sahara deserts. — Thanks again, Ray


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