One Night. One Place.

I mentioned having dinner at The Clover Grill in yesterday’s post. Today, I thought I’d show you a picture. Just one. Sometimes, I feel protective of the places I like. At any rate, The Clover Grill is located on the down river end of Bourbon Street in The French Quarter just where things start to quiet down a little bit. In New Orleans, many people describe locations as being up river or down river because the city is shaped in a crescent along the flow of The Mississippi River and so you can’t really say east, west, north and south.  After all, in certain places in the city it appears that the sun is rising in the South. And, we all know that doesn’t happen.

Back to this picture. You’ll have to eat at The Clover Grill to understand it when I say, any and all sorts of people are likely to show up. it’s a gathering place for what makes New Orleans special. Here’s just one picture. Enjoy it. It’s a portrait that borders on photojournalism.

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