A year or so ago I published a little Blurb book called “Red. Red. Red.” I used it mostly as a marketing piece. But, it is still listed in the Blurb library. If I were asked what my favorite color is, my reply would be color. I like color. I like powerful, strong, bright, energetic […]

After what seemed like months of photographing all things Mardi Gras, I realized that I was a little burnt out especially after the last few weeks. So, I’ve mostly been spending my time editing, or curating as it is called theses days. For post production, I’ve mostly been cherry picking for this blog and other […]

Here’s a little know tourist tip from me — a local. If you need a quiet place to just sit and recharge your batteries, maybe use a clean free bathroom and learn a little history of the the area and The French Quarter, try stopping in at the  Jean Lafitte NHP and Preserve French Quarter […]

I wrote in an email to a friend of mine, that after a decade and two weeks of photographing night Mardi Gras parades, I finally figured out how to do it. He got so excited that he drove down to New Orleans from somewhere between Dallas, and Fort Worth, Texas to photograph a bit of […]

A little story. I was photographing the Krewes of Proteus and Orpheus, which were the last two Uptown night parades, when I spotted this group of young people waiting for the parades to begin. They were having a great time. They were singing, laughing, hugging and dancing to the music that was being played from […]

When Mardi Gras draws to a close some folks wished that they hadn’t partied so hard. They may do so for a few weeks. Some folks, like me, worked very hard and are recovering from long hours and lots of walking. There are others who planned parties and participated in one or two particular events. […]

While I was working Mardi Gras 2012 in New Orleans, I started making the occasional snap of people taking pictures of the events around them. It was nothing intentional until I started doing very cursory edits of my work mostly to check for technical issues. I noticed a nice, little group of images that formed […]

I did the only thing I could do. I joined a parade and marched — not rolled, there are no floats on Royal Street — with the Krewe of Resentments. This gave me the opportunity to work tight and close. How close? This close. I made this picture with a 16mm lens. She seemed to […]