Forever and The Party Never Ends. One of the Highwayman wrote that song, but I don’t remember which one.On some days the party seems to have very different meanings. Lately, the party means moving and traveling on America’s open roads.And, for me that means listening to AM radio to keep myself somewhat fresh. I’ve learned […]

America. Today is the The Fourth of July. I received an email from Michelle Obama talking about veterans. I read a Facebook post from a friend of mine talking about veterans and freedom. Those are perfectly fine sentiments, but… We have a Veterans Day for living veterans and a Memorial Day for those veterans who […]

This is Bird Street. The original. Today, there is a bird street located in Mong Kok, near the wholesale flower sellers. But, many years ago it was located in an alleyway that was eventually removed as part of a redevelopment scheme that included the demolition for a large among of buildings that were built in […]

While I’m a great believer in change, there are certain things that I hope will never change because they are sort of touchstones to me. In Hong Kong that usually means small family run businesses that have been managed the same way for one hundred years or more. In these pictures, we see typical Hong […]

Hong Kong has played a hugely important part in my life. This image was made during one of my very first mornings in the region after leaving Mainland China. Photographed from “the Kowloon side,” as older residents used to say, it shows just a bit of Hong Kong Island and Victoria Harbor in the early […]

This is the last post from the collection of images called China 1989. This image was actually photo – graphed in Stanley Harbor, Hong Kong. At the time, Hong Kong was still a colony of Great Britain and would not really become part of China until the Handover in 1997. Even with the return of […]