In order to keep the street dust and dirt out of the house, the Chinese people take their shoes off and leave them by the door. Although so many traditions have changed in the last 25 years or so, this is one that hasn’t changed… at least on the Mainland. Hong Kong people don’t do […]

My mind is still in Shanghai, where this image was made. I’m a great walker. I think that’s really the only way to make “street pictures.” I was walking down another of Shanghai’s old lanes when I spotted this guy. He didn’t mind so I made his picture. Here’s the thing about him. In 1989, […]

This is another image from my time in Shanghai. While bikes are still a very popular way to get around, the coming of the car, the new subways and more modern means of transportation have made scenes like this one harder to find. You might ask yourself, did they not have cars in 1989? Of […]

Old Shanghai usually means pre-World War II, but in the last 25 years or so China — and Shanghai in particular — has emerged from the darkness that began in 1949 after the initial stages of the Communist Revolution. So a picture like this one, made in 1989, is a remnant of another kind of […]

So, now we skip forward to 1989 when I found myself in China for a while. At that time, China was not quite as developed as it is today. Shanghai was still a dark city. In fact, Nanjing Lu — the main and very busy shopping street today — was a small road that closed […]

I made this portrait during my last few weeks in North Carolina. This man was supposedly the last blacksmith in the state. He was one of those craftsman who could pretty much make anything out of metal. He worked in the most old school of ways. He used no machines, preferring to do almost everything […]

When I left The New River Valley, I moved about 105 miles away to Winston-Salem, North Carolina. That put my in a position to stay near Virginia but work in a metro environment. Unfortunately, at that time the newspaper was not known for its great use of pictures. We covered a lot of sports, a […]

Sometime toward the end of my time in The New River Valley, the newspaper group’s management decided to publish a tab-configured supplement that was really designed to sell ads. I don’t remember its name. I think it was something like “Get The Picture.”I think the only real story was the one that I produced that actually was […]

I appear to be back on track and writing about The New River Newspapers. With three small newspapers and Virginia Tech being in the region, the one thing that we did cover a lot was sports, especially football and basketball. I’m not a particularly great sports photographer. But like anything, a lot of practice makes […]