This is Hong Kong. Hong Kong photo – graphed from the roof my old flat on Staunton Street. However, this image is more about post production then it is about the actual moment of time when the shutter was snapped. What’s been done on my computer? I’ve added color selectively, enhancing the warm tones of […]

A couple of years ago I had an assignment to photograph Las Vegas for a travel guidebook. The Wynn was brand new and was still charging a rack rate of over $400 per night for a basic room. The place was packed. This image was made from the inside, looking out, towards one of the […]

This is another of my older portfolio images. This one was made in Shanghai, on Nanjing Lu, which at the time this was made, had just become a walking and shopping street. While it is every bit as crowded today, there have been many changes. For instance, when I shot this picture you can still […]

Once upon a time when I was having a hard time getting started on a shoot, I used to give myself a little assignment called, “what is it like to…” This image was shot through the windows of a speeding New York taxi. So… “what is it like to ride in a New York taxi?” […]

This is another selection of images from my one time portfolio. Although the compression software of eBlogger doesn’t do it any favors, it is rather nice image of Hong Kong estate buildings. It has a nice artistic feel to it. To those of you who haven’t been to Hong Kong, the word estate has an […]

This image is another motion study. This time the image was made in Hong Kong, on the Kowloon side. It is the entrance the one of the three cross harbor tunnels. Like the first two images in this series, it was part of my portfolio for many years. For the technically minded, it was exposed […]

This is another of my older images. For years it was a signature piece in my portfolio. I made the picture in Times Square. I was trying to show the energy and motion of New York City. The blurred, almost painterly look, succeeds on many levels. Like the image I posted yesterday, this image was […]

Quite a number of us met on Facebook in what was billed as a toast to slain journalists. I visited with a number of old friends. I thought that this was a use of social networking at its best. That got me thinking about older images and so… This image was made in Las Vegas […]

Once again, I’m compelled to post a picture that just makes me smile. Hard day over there in Libya, you know? Enough sadness to go around. These are tiny ballet folklorio dancers getting ready to go on stage at a place called Los Golondrinos which is an historic rancho south of Santa Fe, NM. Some […]