“The compound maintained by the Sons of the Holy Family contains two buildings of particular significance. The first is El Santuario de Chimayo, the tiny shrine that is built on the site of what many believe to be a miracle associated with the crucifix of “Nuestro Señor de Esquipulas” (Our Lord of Esquipulas). El Santuario […]

When was the last time that you saw wooden clothes pins? For that matter, how many people hang clothes on the line to dry? Yes. I know it’s a green trend. But, I don’t see that many lines of drying wash around when I ramble about looking for pictures. How did I manage to find […]

I was having lunch at a very camera friendly restaurant in Albuquerque called El Camino. It is located in The North Valley, on 4th Street which is also known as old Route 66 from the Pre-1937 period that I wrote about a few days ago. In earlier times the road was also called El Camino, […]

After reading yesterday’s post about Route 66, a good friend of mine sent me an email that basically said, “If you like Route 66, go to Tucumcari. “ She’s right in a way. Tucumcari, New Mexico has the highest density of classic 1940s and 1950s motels and motor courts along what is left of Route […]

I was following what is known as the pre-1937 path of Route 66 which actually travels south to Los Lunas before turning west again and joining what most people think of Route 66 west of Albuquerque.  I got a little bit lost and ended up a few streets away of from my intended direction. This […]

Once upon a time in the Southwest there was a cafe called the Red Ball Cafe which sold Wimpy – burgers. You remember Wimpy. He’d gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger that he could eat today. Popeye fell for this trick more then once. This burger was to Albuquerque what White Castle burgers were […]

In my world, I’m known as a travel and location photo – grapher. I photograph all things related to travel… people, places, things. But, sometimes one of my agencies asks me to make pictures of something that is not directly related to location work. In this case, I was asked to shoot Valentines “stuff” for next year’s […]

This is San Francisco de Asis. It is well known as just about anyone who is anybody has either painted or photo – graphed it. Famous artists such as Ansel Adams, Paul Strand and Georgia O’Keeffe have added it to the body of their work. It was built between 1772 and 1816 and is located […]