Wat Pho is the oldest and largest temple in Thailand. It is a restoration of an earlier temple with work begin – ning in 1788. There have been two later restorations as well. It contains the largest Buddha image in Thailand, The Reclining Buddha, which was created as part of the second restoration during the period of 1824 to 1851, is simply just stunning. The body is gold plated. There are jewels embedded in the souls of his feet. His eyes are made of Mother of Pearl.

That’s a little bit of the history and the design.

It is also the most photographed subject in Bangkok and, perhaps, all of Thailand.  For me, since I always try to make a picture that is a little different, it became a consuming challenge to do so. I was walking and  shooting when I stumbled upon a triangular composition. I also decided to include all the intricate patterns and colors that are part of the wat, but not part of the Buddha image itself. There is a second challenge, as well. Since this is the most photographed site in Thailand, there are hundreds of people from every country on the planet walking around and snapping away. So, the second challenge is how to keep them out of the picture. This composition solved that problem.

It seemed to have work. Editors and agents like it. It’s been used as a cross over spread and a cover of a book. And, that’s saying something since there must be a billion gazillion trillion images of The Reclining Buddha floating around.