Bangkok confuses a lot of people. It is one of the cities known as a “Pearl of the Orient.” It is a huge city. It is noisy, crowded, has massive traffic jams and is a little smelly. It is also modern, urbane, energetic and muscular. It is usually the starting off point for many people visiting Thailand for the first, or any, time since the international airport is located there.

Me? I like being in Bangkok, but only in short doses. I like it because of the great public transportation which will be improving in the next few years. I like it because you can do, or have, just about anything you want for just about any price you want to pay. I also love street food, which is fresh, properly cooked and can be found just about everywhere. And, despite the riots of last year, it is a pretty much peaceful and crime free city with most crimes being non-violent and very few. On the other hand, the constant pace and flow of the city wears me down. I do have my favorite in-town hide outs, but still…

I made this picture on one of my last days in the city on one trip. The people on the platform are waiting for the Skytrain or BTS, which is an above ground light rail transport system. There are also subways that connect to the Skytrain.  For a traveler, as long as your hotel is near a BTS station, you can go just about anywhere in the city. For a resident, the same thing applies except living by the river or klong would be a better option.

One more thing. Bangkok is also known as “The City of Angeles.” And, you thought that was reserved for Los Angeles, California.

I will post a picture of why public transportation is so important tomorrow. I swear.