I‘ve recently discovered something that many bloggers have known for years; how to feed my blog to Facebook and Twitter. Yeah, yeah. It takes me a while. Since I’m now addressing a potentially larger group of followers I thought that I would step back and publish some of my slightly older and more interesting images. To my original group of followers, I apologize. But, you might enjoy seeing some of this work a second time. Maybe not.

New Mexico. The state is full of this stuff. A photographer colleague and friend says that she gets tired of titling her pictures “abandoned,” “lonely,” “lost” or anything of that nature as she gets ready for her gallery representation. I guess that she could should different pictures. But, the fact remains New Mexico appears to have a huge amount of things that are just left behind.

This relic can be seen from New Mexico’s Railrunner at the Tewa train station which is located on the Santa Domingo Pueblo. It appears to be hard to access, but it really is just on a small reservation road. It is the original trading post which was built in the 1880s, abandoned in the early 1970s and burned about ten later. It was legendary enough that in the 1960s pictures of it appeared in Life and Look magazines.

In order to make this picture, I had to talk to the governor of the pueblo to get permission since you normally cannot photograph on American Indian land. Even with permission, there are still certain things — people and ceremonial dances — that you can’t photograph without permission from the tribal elders.

Technically, this isn’t much. F8 and be there. I did wait for the right clouds that could be enhanced using one of my faux HDR plug ins.