Lascar Row, or Cat Alley, is located in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Originally it was a boarding house area for Indian sailors. It was also a red light district. Today, the alley houses antique shops, art galleries and a lot of cheap trinket outdoor stands. This area is located down the stairs directly across the […]

So, you say that street food isn’t for you. Fair enough. You can try the food prepared in a local shop. You can buy all forms of barb – ecued meat in any number of local shops. This shop happens to be in Hong Kong’s Central wet market which is huge and stretches through three different neighborhoods. […]

I‘m a big fan of street food, especially in Asia where the food is very fresh, cooked to order and certainly more healthy then eating at your local fast food joint. I suppose there are negative questions,  like is the location properly sanitized? I don’t know. But, in all my years of traveling, I’ve never […]

This image is probably one of the oldest in my newly completed electronic portfolio. It is of an overhead view of the wet market in Central, Hong Kong. China. It was made from a flyover of what used to be called “The World’s Longest Escalator.” But, in the interest of full disclosure, it is now […]

There is a lot of talk about trying somehow trying to control America’s borders to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. I’m not going to going to discuss the political or humanistic ramifications, except to say that this picture proves that aliens are being smuggled into the country by people with cars. But, but, but… […]

Although I don’t play music, I’ve been around it and photo – graphed it for most of my life. I like little tiny venues where I can work in close without needing some kind of pass. This image was made in an outdoor patio of a restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Oops. I almost forgot to post my daily photograph. I’ve been building an electronic portfolio among other things and the time just sprinted by. At any rate, I used to live in New Orleans. Then a big storm called Katrina came along and blew me out of the city. It wasn’t so much the wind […]

Wat Pho is the oldest and largest temple in Thailand. It is a restoration of an earlier temple with work begin – ning in 1788. There have been two later restorations as well. It contains the largest Buddha image in Thailand, The Reclining Buddha, which was created as part of the second restoration during the period of 1824 […]

Thailand is an over – whelmingly Buddhist country with almost 95% of the population being Buddhist. Next come the Muslims who are a little less then 5% of the population and are mostly located in the south. And, finally come the Christians, who represent less then 1% of the country’s citizens. So, it is not […]